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"I was very distrustful of any recruiter. Based on the experience of several of my colleagues one could categorize them as modern slave traders and that you basically had to take what was given to you after handing all of your life’s savings.  

However, I found Mike and The J1 Physician Network to strongly refute that stereotype. He was brutally honest and told me all my options. It felt as if he actually cared about me as a human being and was not interested in just getting paid. He not only cared about finding a job for me but also took great pains to ensure that the job description and location was in harmony with all aspects of my personal and family life and desires.


What I found even more a appealing is that he would not recommend a job if it were somewhere he knew you would not want to work or if it were a place that he himself would not work, irrespective of the job offer. I also found him not only sincere but unbelievably efficient, informative and very understanding.  In summary, Mike and the J1 Physician Network is phenomenal. He is a great person to work with and epitomizes how a J1 recruiter should be. I now highly recommend the J1 Physician Network to all my colleagues and will forever continue to do so."

Claudeen Scott, MD, Ohio, Pediatric Cardiology

"I don't think that there is a more difficult situation to be in when you are a foreign medical gradute and on a J1 Visa. I am neither board certified or board eligible and  was looking to work in the USA as a surgeon.  I worked with many recruiters that could not help me and I was about ready to give up, when I first talked to Mike and the J1 Physician Network and Practic Find.  Things changed dramatically.
I felt that he knew what he was talking about and in a short time he offered me more opportunities than I thought there would be for such a case.  All the offers were so great that it was difficult to choose.  He did not leave me there, he guided me through the contract, the license and the J1 waiver which I recieved last month!  My family and I don't know how to thank him for all of his hardwork and his guidance.  He was always there for us.  We really enjoyed talking and working with him and would recommend the J1 Physician Network to anyone on a J1 visa looking for a great opportunity."

Shehada Homedan, MD, Iowa, Orthopedic Surgery
"I am very thankful to Practice Find and the J1 Physician Network for this opportunity that will probably change my life. Right from the beginning I felt that Mike understood my situation and worked with me to get my position. I was able to express my thoughts and have never felt him as a recruiter was taking advantage of the situation because I am looking for a J1 waiver position. I have already recommended the site and Mike especially to a couple of colleagues looking for similar jobs. I wish you Practice Find all the best and I am sure you will bring the best opportunity and provide the best service to all your clients."

Veeda Quteish, MD, Ohio, Internal Medicine

 "Hiring PracticeFind, LLC and the J1 Physician Network has been the best investment me and my family have made in recently.  Mike was very efficient and proactive in helping me get a position that fulfill all my expectations in a really short time. In addition he has guided me in the entire process and has been responsive to my inquires and needs. Many thanks to Mike and PracticeFind for your enormous contribution in achieving my goals."

Maria C. Villaquiran, MD, FAAP , New Jersey, Pediatrics
"Not only did you find me a job, but it was where I wanted.  You also made sure that I liked the place and the people I will be working for... I have not met a better recruiter.  You have done an excellent job.  I will recommend you to anyone looking for a job..."

Vasuki Sittampalam, MD, California, Internal Medicine

"I was skeptical getting a recruiter for my J1 waiver but I changed my mind after talking to Mike from Practice Find and the J1 Physician Network. He is reliable, honest and very efficient. He found a perfect match for me and my family. My entire experience of the waiver process including signing the contract was guided in a very professional
fashion. I highly recommend the J1 Physician Network to anyone looking for waiver. They make the whole path unique, smooth and enjoyable."

Iracema Arevalo, MD, Ohio, Pediatric Infectious Disease

"I really can't find the right words to describe my feelings.  Its not about the J1 waiver approval as much as the feeling that there is a  great friend there who is willing and very sincerely do all his best for his clients.  Let me tell you something, it is not that common for a recruiter to be a real friend for his clients, but Mike and the J1 Physician Network is.  When I got your message today I had both feelings of happiness and suprise that there is a real sincere person like you who was making sure my waiver was approved.  Again, I really can not find the proper way to express my greatfulness and happiness to deal with a great company like Practice Find and the J1 Physician Network and a great recruiter like Mike."

I. Hayani, MD, Tennessee, Internal Medicine

"Finding a J1 waiver opportunity is an ordeal, and Practice Find and the J1 Physician Network is there every step of the way.  They are much more than just a physician recruiter....Thank you."

Gaurav Nayyar, MD, Pennsylvania, Internal Medicine

 "When you start your research for a J1 visa waiver opportunity, you will see that there are a lot of  variables that you need to consider, some of them you have never even considered. It is tricky, and some times a hassle. After dealing with some recruiters, I realize that the task of getting a waiver was harder than I ever imagined. Some recruiters try to take advantage of your situation, some other have no clue about our situation (holding a J1 Visa). I was lucky to meet Mike from Practicefind and the J1 Physician Network.  I noticed the difference from the start. He is well versed in our situation.  This is what Practice Find does, and does it well. He has several years of experience. You will notice the difference from day one. He is honest and will represent you and your interests. He looks for a good match between the institution and you. He actually cares about you!! Definitely it was a great decision to work with Mike. If you are reading these lines, means that you are on the Practice Find webpage, look no more!! This is the place where you will be able to get your waiver and a great opportunity. Good luck!!"

Alejandro Miranda-Sousa, MD, Massachusetts, Urology


"Thank you.  I interviewed and found the hospital to be state-of-the-art and above all, with a wonderful staff.  I found the city to be a very nice place and subsequently signed a contract with them.  I am very thankful to Practice Find  and the J1 Physician Network for this job and moreover for your precious guidance, help and follow-up.  All along, you have been very professional, knowledgeable and straight forward especially in regards to my J-1 waiver.  I spoke to the Department of Health and they assured me that my waiver will be approved in about a weeks time.
I look forward to starting my job there.  Wish you good luck and good health and keep up the good job so that many other physicians can get benefited by your experience and professionalism."
Surinder Kaul, MD, Kansas, Internal Medicine


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the  Practice Find and the J1 Physician Network,  particularly Mike who at all times was a great resource. I was able to call him at all times with my burning questions regarding the opportunities and the J1 waiver process and I found  him very resourceful".

Salima Qamruddin, MD, California, Internal Medicine